Posted on: Saturday, November 29, 2008

8. More colors

I kinda liked the last painting class because we were told to exaggerate colors. I had fun and for once I painted a nipple right.

aaaandd I noticed her legs are out of proportion -_-


Em said...

I LOVE COLOOOOOORSSSSSSSSSS! did you bring back the painting already @__@?

on a more serious note, this painting really jumps out compared to the rest becuz of teh corors. like srsly.

Angeline said...

Thanks for the comment :D

No I didn't bring it back. I had my camera that day so I took a photo of it XD.

Pierre said...


Pierre said...

but srsly, I like the circular strokes on the background.

Angeline said...

Circular strokes were an accident lul