Posted on: Saturday, December 6, 2008

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Oh Mucha, I love your work so much but trying to emulate it really sucks.

Steven had a great idea of merging 2 optional Clothed Figure 2 assignments together so I did the Queen of Hearts based off a Mucha piece.
Amagad I felt like dying when I was drawing it then I had to piece it together in photoshop and illustrator.

Sleep time.


Steven Wayne Howard said...

Awesome! I don't know yet if I will try to mix the two yet, but I'll see what time permits me. Good job on this though, Mucha is a tough one to emulate.

Pierre said...

really got mucha's style spot on.

Whyyy can you draw so hawt chix and all my chicks look like girly men ; ;

Angeline said...

Thanks! Emulating Mucha's stuff is harder than it seems. Especially since my lines are usually sketchier an messier ;_;

If it makes you feel better my men look like girly men. Go draw more wimmenz during break time! Its an excuse to look at moar boobies.

isabella said...

beautiful work!
love you attentions to detail.
you really captured mucha's sense of flow and design.
is this for ill2 final?

Angeline said...

Nah its for Clothed Figure 2. We were given two optional assignments. One was to do a character design of Alice in Wonderland and the other was to copy a Mucha.

I kinda sorta did both with this haha.