Posted on: Friday, March 27, 2009

17. Art Dump

I wanted to mess with painter more so I pulled out an oooold unfinished piece to play around with. Its my poor abandoned priest wishing she was in T6 when she was lvl 40-ish. Eventually she did get a few pieces :3... could use more details but meh.

Perspective homewerk. Theme is Greek myths.
These two were mainly done in painter. By that I mean I brought them into photoshop for touch ups >_>. I also got 6D art pen which is really great :D


Em said...

I like the textures on Narcissus piece, how you did the water and all... and my is Narcissus sexy..

Somehow your Ares looks really prettyboy-ish XD Kratos should've been in his place instead.

oh. the word verification i have to type is orsamar... orsamar... OSAMA?! GASP!

Angeline said...

Gee.. I wonder why you think Narcissus is sexy.. *cough cough*

If it was Kratos he wouldn't be scared.. he'd be "RAWR SMASH"

Pierre said...


isabella said...

great stuff! i admire how motivated u are to learn the new program, ahhhh......i need more motivation and my sickness to go away!!!