Posted on: Sunday, October 18, 2009

33. Snow Queen

Second assignment for Sci-Fi(and Fantasy) class. Its from Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen. In the assignment sheet it called for a more adult version and thank god for that. Wouldn't want to draw an older woman embracing aa small kid =_=

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Pix said...

LoL, yea, these days that would be a little FBI issue :)) Did you know that the model for Alice in wonderland was a little girl and her family thought nothing of it when the artist took all kinds of pictures of her? Even he didn't really find his passsion perverted or erotic, he just really liked her and loved her a little - but not like an old sicko but a inspired artist. These days we worry so much about being misunderstood :S It's very classy, the drawing, though :)