Posted on: Friday, September 24, 2010

47. Stuff!

One assignment
...and one plugIf you haven't heard about it on Facebook or my DA, my friends and I put together a portfolio style artbook that is filled with 128 pages of awesomeness. We will be selling it at APE and right now it is available for pre-order for our USD20.oo promotional price! (Original price is USD24.95)

Check it out at:
Chromagination at APE


Christine Knopp said...

I think the painting looks a lot better digital, but, did you fix it up a little? Looks like you did.

Regardless, it's nice!

Ricky Cometa said...

CONGRATS, the book is looking sexy! nice illustration too, is that pierre on the left? hehe

Angeline said...

Chistine: Yea I fixed some stuff like the values. Thanks!

Ricky: Theres 2 Pierres in this one lol and thanks!

Emerson said...

I bet Pierre is also the one on the far right.

Angeline said...

Yes.. and the dragon too.