Posted on: Monday, April 29, 2013

74: Hackathon @ GREE

For Hackathon 5 the group I was in made "CARD QUEST: Rage of Ages". Its pretty much a game making fun of J-card games. I wish there was a way to show what the game looks like because there was a ton of awesome art from Andrew, Pierre, Lake and John and Randy did a great job putting it together all by himself. 

I made the intro NPC. We call her Puin Puin.

 Animooted ver 1:

Ver 2:

 How she appears in the game. And yes she is animated in the game. And no its not the squishy boob version.

Last but not least, shirt design I made for Hackathon.


Emerson Tung said...

needs more squish squish!

miniPau said...

The animation looks fantastic!

Erin Fellows said...

The squish levels are appropriately subtle.. just enough to notice and then feel like you noticed something no one else did… so therefore very seecrett.. Hehe nice work